I loved photography ever since I was a young teenager and did my share of darkroom work. As a matter of fact I wanted leave high school at 15-16 and attend a photography school. My parents managed to persuade me to finish high school first and then study photography. It didn´t happen! I became interested in chemistry and biology and ended up as a scientist and professor of microbial ecology at Lund University, Sweden. It has been a good and awarding life. After my early retirement, a few years ago, I decided to leave science and start a new creative life as a photographer. I even took up my studies again, into my sixties, this time photography at Malmö University, Sweden.

What is so great with photography? I´d say it´s the act of capturing a single moment in history, or in time. Some people call it to shoot. No wonder many models were scared of dying in front of the photographer a century or more ago. Nowadays, I like to say that I´m making a photograph, not shooting or taking one. For me it doesn´t matter if I´m an amateur or professional. I want to make photographs that make people think or react to, or just feel something, like joy or anger. I am even glad if an onlooker just finds my photographs beautiful. To me, art should have an aesthetic value apart from telling a story. Maybe it sounds ambitious or appears like hubris, but I see myself as producer of photographic art.

Spektrum, Form/Design Center, Malmö (2010)
Putting myself in the picture, Form/Design Center, Malmö (2011)
Sätt färg på Lund, Hotel Park Inn by Radisson, Lund (2014)
Nära blommor, Gallery Apostrof, Lund (2014)
Konst på stan, Clarion Collection Hotel Helsing, Hälsingborg (2014)
Kvinnans alla former, Maria Thorlund Galleri, Lund (2016)
Juryed exhibition, Romelegården, Dörröd (2016)
Utställning, Maria Thorlund Galleri,Lund (2016)
Konsten att ge – en konstbuffé, Maria Thorlund Galleri, Lund (2016)
Fotosidans Masters, Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm (2017)
Lundakonst, Maria Thorlund Galleri, Lund (2017)
Tidens tand, Maria Thorlund Galleri, Lund (2017)
Centered. Tessaloniki´s International Art Fair, Tessaloniki, Greece (2017)
Konsten att ge – en konstbuffé, Maria Thorlund Galleri,Lund (2017)
Art of Black & White. Blue Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2018)
Mostly White. 5th Base Gallary, London, UK (2018)
Your exhibition shot. Blue Art Gallery, Berlin (2018)
Juryed exhibition, Romelegården, Dörröd (2018)
Juried exhibition, Galleri Hiltman, Åstorp (2018)
Fotografi. Maria Thorlund Galleri, Lund (2018)
Powerful Compositions. Qlick Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2018)
GuruShots Your Exhibition Shot. New Moment Gallery, Belgrad, Slovenien (2019)
WPPI Exhibition, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, CA, USA (2019)
Gurushots Photographer of the Year, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece (2019)
VSKG, Konstrundan, Stenladan, Torup, Sweden (2019)
VSKG, Jäger & Jansson Gallery, Lund, Sweden (2019)
Markedsplads for Kunst, Ny Kronbprgsvej Helsingör, Denmark (2019)
My favourite shots, Xpozer´s Gallery, The Hage, The Netherlands (2019)
Mostly White, Berlin Photo Exhibition, BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2019)

Book illustrations:
2010: 100 gånger miljö, red. Helena Persson, SNF och Malmö Stad 2010.

My camera equipment:
Two DSLRs: Canon Eos 5D Mk II and Canon EOS 5DsR; and a mirrorless Fujifilm X-E3. Several lenses from 17-400 mm. I also use a Canon Powershot S120 compact camera. And, of course, my camera mobile.

I live and work in Lund in southern Sweden and I also spend time in Alicante in southeast Spain.

Member of Västra Skånes Konstnärsgille (VSKG) (West Scania Artist´s Guild) and LundaCraft.

Lund, Sweden

Alicante, Spain

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